Why organic fertilizers retain water and how that’s useful

One of the features of organic fertilizers is the water retaining capacity. It is a valuable feature because it contributes the soils’ water balance. Organic fertilizers retain water and prevents it from being wasted. Instead the water will be saved carefully in the organic fertilizer pellet. The right water balance boosts soil structure and the condition of the soil in general. Last but not least it improves crop growth.

Why does a soil needs water?

Crops grow well at a soil with the right water balance. The type of soil together with the structure and the weather determine the amount of water becoming available for the soil, soil life and plants/crops. Nobody can affect the weather, but we sure can influence the structure of the soil. A soil with airy structure can retain water better and is able to retain more water. During periods of rain it causes less puddles on the land but in periods of drought the soil will not dry out quickly. Ultimately an airy soil structure contributes to a healthy soil and improves crop growth and yields.

water absorbing capacity of organic fertilizersWhen is a soil healthy and able to handle moisture well?

A healthy soil, which can handle moisture well, has enough pores. Sufficient pores are necessary to supply and drain water. It must be able to guide water so that it does not was away too quickly or remains in place for too long. Furthermore an airy structure is also important for the supply of air and nutrients. Other important nutrients of organic fertilizers are N-P-K, calcium and magnesium and trace elements.

The contribution of organic fertilizers to the moisture balance of the soil

Organic fertilizers of Komeco have a high water absorption capacity and therefore retain water well. The fertilizer pellets can retain water up to 3 times their own weight. During the supply of water the pellets absorb water and only little water will be washed away or in times of drought it will not evaporate. Especially a poor soil loses water (rain) quickly. The moisture in the pellets flow out slowly meaning that the soil makes use of it in a positive way.

Curious how this actually works? Watch the video in which we show what happens when our fertilizers get into contact with water.

The range of organic fertilizers of Komeco

We offer a range with different type of organic fertilizers. Interested in one of our fertilizers? Please contact us via sales@komeco.nl or (+31) (0)321 – 31 25 70.