Why organic fertilizers retain water and how that’s useful

One of the features of organic fertilizers is the water retaining capacity. It is a valuable feature because it contributes the soils’ water balance. Organic fertilizers retain water and prevents it from being wasted. Instead the water will be saved carefully in the organic fertilizer pellet. The right water balance boosts soil structure and the […]

10 advantages of organic fertilizers

There are different types of fertilizers to use for fertilizing land or the garden. This also applies in organic fertilizer pellets. The range is huge and did you know there are many advantages when using pellets? We wrote down the 10 advantages of using organic fertilizer pellets. Before you read all benefits, it is important […]

What is effective organic matter?

Organic matter is a well-known part of organic fertilizers and an important nutrient for the soil. Besides organic matter there is also effective organic matter (EOM). What is effective organic matter and how does it differ from “regular” organic matter? Why is effective organic matter measured in the soil? What does the effective organic matter […]

Humic and fulvic acids in organic fertilizers (part 5)

We have come to the last part in the series of five. In the fifth part of nutrients in organic fertilizers we will discuss humic acids and fulvic acids. These two nutriens are less known in the world of organic fertilizers and agriculture. What is the function of these in organic fertilizers? What is the […]

Trace elements; the micro nutrients in organic fertilizers (part 4)

In the series of nutrients in organic fertilizers we are reaching part 4. In this part we outline trace elements, also called micro nutrients. What are trace elements? What is the function in organic fertilizers? How do trace elements function in the soil? Last but not least, what do they do for both soil and […]

Calcium (CaO) and Magnesium (Mg); nutrients in organic fertilizers (part 3)

For the third article in the series of five, we will outline the nutrients magnesium and calcium. In the world of fertilizers these two elements are called ‘secondary elements’. Important to keep in mind is that they are not less important than the primary elements N-P-K. What is the effect of magnesium and calcium and […]

N-P-K; three important nutrients in organic fertilizers (part 2)

Organic fertilizers contain different nutrients feeding the soil and the plant in their own way. In this second series of five, we explain in clear language what other nutrients, in addition to organic matter, can be found in organic fertilizers. This time we outline the three musketeers of organic fertilizers: the N-P-K. What do the […]

Organic matter; one of the nutrients in organic fertilizers (part 1)

Organic fertilizers consist of various types of nutrients. Each of them with their own added value for the soil and the crop or plant growing on it. In a series of five articles we will outline the different nutrients in organic fertilizers. We will explain what they mean for the soil and the plant. In […]