Komeco is an approved producer (NVWA) of organic fertilizers Komeco is certified according to the EU1069/2009 regulations.

Control Union

The brand FERTISOL of Komeco is certified by Control Union for use in organic farming based on the European standards (EEG 834/2007 and 889/2008).


ECOCERT is one of the most prominent and largest organisations who monitors organic agricultural products. They are specialized in the certification of organic agricultural products in more than 130 countries worldwide. A product is allowed to be labelled ‘organic’ when it requires specific rules for organic agriculture recorded in the regulations of the European Union. Organic fertilizers are part of the EC 834/2007 regulations.


OMRI is an independent organisation without pecuniary reward who monitors products that are biologically produced. Komeco’s brand FERTISOL is listed at the OMRI product list and thereby allowed for use in organic farming.


Skal is an independent supervisor of organic products and agriculture in the Netherlands. They monitor the complete organic chain and all connected companies have to meet the regulations based on the European standards for organic farming. Komeco is acknowledged by Skal as intermediary and is allowed to process manure and to sell organic fertilizers for use in organic farming.

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