The pellets

Why are organic fertilizers only available in pellets?

Pellets are easy applicable, both mechanically (with a fertilizer spreader) as manually in a garden. With pellets we can provide the professional as well as the consumer a product which is easy to use.

What is the best period to apply organic fertilizers?

The organic fertilizers of Komeco can be used all year round in a field, garden or greenhouse. It is only not recommended to use the pellets when there is frost in the ground. The pellets are often applied before seeding. When you use the pellets in a garden it’s best to apply the pellets two or three times. Check out our product sheet at the product pages for more specific information.

How long does it take before an organic fertilizer becomes active?

Our organic fertilizers will be released slowly. This means that the nutrients will not become active at once but they work like a sponge. The soil will absorb the pellets but they will release when soil life releases nutrients. Therefore our fertilizers have a long-lasting effect and a constant feed supply towards the crop or plant.


What is the difference between organic and mineral fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers are from organic or vegetable origin, where mineral fertilizers have been produced artificially.

Use and application

How many kilo’s per m² do I need to use in my garden?

At the product sheets (which can be found at each product page) you can find an enhanced manual how much you need to use per m², for what type of garden (vegetable or ornamental garden, lawn, field, etc.) and how many times per year.

How should it be stored?

We recommend to store the fertilizers in a closed package in a well ventilated and moisture free environment.

How long can it be stored?

It can be stored in a closed package for approximately 5 years.

Ordering pellets

Can I order the fertilizers directly on this website?

For online orders (to the Netherlands and Belgium) we refer to our website where our products can be bought directly. We cannot deliver to other foreign countries through this website. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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