10 advantages of organic fertilizers

There are different types of fertilizers to use for fertilizing land or the garden. This also applies in organic fertilizer pellets. The range is huge and did you know there are many advantages when using pellets? We wrote down the 10 advantages of using organic fertilizer pellets.

Before you read all benefits, it is important to know that Komeco uses an innovative composting technique in the production process for organic fertilizers. The basis for the products is animal manure and we compost this into an organic fertilizer. After that the fertilizer is pressed into pellets, resulting in a 100% organic and biologically composted product. Some of the benefits below are a result of the composting process.

1. Homogeneous nutritional values

nutrients in organic fertilizers

Nutrients for soil, soil life and plants.

The mixing during composting ensures the right distribution of nutrients. By composting the nutrients remain intact and there is little loss of nitrogen. Because of the stable mineral content it is easy to calculate the required dosage.

2. Completely weed-free

By heating (60° C) the raw materials for a longer period, the weed seeds, germs, unwanted fungi and bacteria are completely killed. The end result is a clean product with mineral content.

3. High moisture-absorbing capacity

Composting provides an organic fertilizer pellet with a high moisture-absorbing capacity (up to three times its own weight). A poor soil loses moisture (rain) quickly because it washes away or evaporates. Our pellets prevent water from being wasted because the pellets retain water. By using the pellets the organic matter level of the soil will be brought up. As a result, less water will be wasted and thus saved on water consumption.

4. Long-lasting

Another advantage of a pellet is that it can be stored easily and for a longer period. The pellets can be stored for approximately 5 years in a closed package in a well ventilated and moisture-free environment.

5. Slow-release

The nutrients in organic fertilizers are released slowly, making them available for the crop during cultivation. This ensures a long-lasting effect and high effectiveness.


6. 100% natural organic fertilizers

Our organic fertilizers are produced from a residual flow without additives. Our production process is based on a circular concept and therefore our products are 100% natural.

7. No leaf or root burning

Composting ensures the ammonium to be converted into a more stable form of nitrogen. This nitrogen is released slowly, eliminating the risk of leaf or root burning.

8. Neutral odour because of composting

Composting neutralises the odour and makes the end product an almost odourless pellet.

9. Applicable anywhere and anytime

The organic fertilizers can be used at any type of soil and can be applied throughout the year (with the exception of frost in the ground).

10. Organic fertilizers are easy applicable

The pellets can be spread manually or mechanically with ordinary machinery, also during growing season. This decreases mineral washout and improves growth.

Our range of organic fertilizers

Engrais organiques différentes pour toutes types de sol


At Komeco we offer a range of 3 brands; FERTISOL, Komeco Bio and Komeco Cow. Would you like to receive more information about the availability of our fertilizers? Please contact our sales department via sales@komeco.nl