Trace elements; the micro nutrients in organic fertilizers (part 4)

In the series of nutrients in organic fertilizers we are reaching part 4. In this part we outline trace elements, also called micro nutrients. What are trace elements? What is the function in organic fertilizers? How do trace elements function in the soil? Last but not least, what do they do for both soil and […]

Calcium (CaO) and Magnesium (Mg); nutrients in organic fertilizers (part 3)

For the third article in the series of five, we will outline the nutrients magnesium and calcium. In the world of fertilizers these two elements are called ‘secondary elements’. Important to keep in mind is that they are not less important than the primary elements N-P-K. What is the effect of magnesium and calcium and […]

Different opening hours during spring holidays

Spring arrived and a number of holidays will take place in the upcoming period. We would like to inform you about the different opening hours during the coming period. Our office will be closed on the following days: Easter Monday; the 13th of April King’s Day; Monday the 27th of April Liberation Day: Tuesday the […]

N-P-K; three important nutrients in organic fertilizers (part 2)

Organic fertilizers contain different nutrients feeding the soil and the plant in their own way. In this second series of five, we explain in clear language what other nutrients, in addition to organic matter, can be found in organic fertilizers. This time we outline the three musketeers of organic fertilizers: the N-P-K. What do the […]

Organic matter; one of the nutrients in organic fertilizers (part 1)

Organic fertilizers consist of various types of nutrients. Each of them with their own added value for the soil and the crop or plant growing on it. In a series of five articles we will outline the different nutrients in organic fertilizers. We will explain what they mean for the soil and the plant. In […]

Komeco exhibitor at Fruit Logistica 2020

Fruit Logistica is one of the most important trade fairs for the fresh fruit and vegetable sector. The fair takes place from 5 – 7 February 2020 in Messe Berlin and as usual Komeco will also be one of the exhibitors. Last year the Fruit Logistica fair had more than 3.000 exhibitors from 90 different […]

Adjusted opening times during holidays

The holidays are approaching and we would like to inform you about the different opening times. Komeco will be closed for a few days during the holidays. Adjusted opening times: Friday 20 December 2019 we will close at 3 p.m. We are closed Monday 23 December 2019 up to and including Wednesday 1 January 2020. […]

On a field trip in Colombia

In the past year we have conducted a number of field tests with various growers in Colombia. A number of fruit and vegetable growers at various locations in the country have used our organic fertilizers in the cultivation of tomatoes, avocados, lettuce, carrots, potatoes and more.  Last week we made a field trip among a […]

Komeco exhibitor at Agrofuturo 2019

The Agrofuturo 2019 will take place from 18 – 20 September in Colombia. This is the most important Agro trade fair in Latin America and they expect around 25,000 visitors. The theme of this year is circular agriculture and there will be more than 300 exhibitors from 20 different countries. Komeco is pleased to attend […]

The technique behind our products

The organic fertilizers of Komeco are 100% organic and biologically composted. But what is special about composting? What is the added value for our end product? How does it differ from dried organic fertilizers? In this article we explain how it works and what makes our organic fertilizers unique and outstanding. For the production of […]