As a producer of composted organic fertilizers Komeco offers various type of natural fertilizers suitable for use in agriculture, horticulture, fruit cultivation, gardens, sport fields and golf courses. All products of Komeco are nutrition to feed the soil and soil life. The organic fertilizers contribute the growth of crops and plants. A healthy soil starts with the organic fertilizers of Komeco!

FERTISOL organic fertilizer

Our own brand FERTISOL is an organic fertilizer based on 100% chicken manure. The composted organic fertilizer pellets ensure an optimal working and healthy soil. The manure pellets contain a high level of organic matter and water retaining capacity. This means that they can apply the nutrients into the soil at the right time.

Komeco organic fertilizer (cow)

The organic fertilizer cow is based on 100% cow manure. The manure has been completely composted and after that we turned it into pellets. The organic fertilizer is perfectly suitable for use in gardens, lawns, ornamental and vegetable gardens, fruit trees.

Komeco bio fertilizer

Komeco bio fertilizer is an organic fertilizer specially produced and only available for organic certified farms (for example Demeter or Skal certified). For the Bio Fertilizer we only use 100% organic chicken manure, what will be composted and turned into pellets. With our Bio Fertilizer Komeco offers a beautiful product for the professionals in organic farming. Skal has allowed this organic fertilizer as an A-fertilizer for use in organic farming.

Komeco is a producer of composted organic fertilizers which contributes a richer soil, better crop growth, higher yield and sustainable world.
A healthy soil starts with Komeco
  • A richer soil starts with Komeco
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