• Komeco is a producer of composted organic fertilizers.

Komeco B.V. is the specialist in organic fertilizers and produces different type of fertilizers both suitable for professional and private use. Whether it’s about feeding the soil in a greenhouse, field or garden, Komeco has the right fertilizer for every type of soil.

Composted organic fertilizers are produced by a composting technique. Komeco has its own A-brand FERTISOL, which is exported to 35 countries worldwide. On request of the customer Komeco also offers the possibility to produce private labels. Komeco is part of GICOM which is a family business for more than 30 years.

Technical pellets
The basis for the products is animal manure. Together with parent company GICOM, Komeco has developed an advanced biological composting technique which composts manure and creates an organic fertilizer. After composting the fertilizer will be pressed into a pellet and thus a 100% organic and biologically composted product is created. What is labelled as a residual product by many is converted into a valuable soil improver by Komeco.

Manufacturer of organic fertilizers
Komeco is an approved manufacturer of organic fertilizers and soil improvers of animal by-products (NVWA). Komeco operates according to EU1069 / 2009 regulations and has various international certifications.

Benefits of composting


    By heating (60 ° C)  the raw materials for a longer period, the weed seeds, germs, unwanted fungi and bacteria are completely killed. Nutrients remain intact and there is only a small loss of nitrogen.


    Composting ensures the ammonium to be converted into a more stable form nitrogen. This nitrogen is released slowly, eliminating the risk of leaf or root burning.


    Composting provides an organic fertilizer pellet with a high moisture-absorbing capacity (up to three times its own weight).


    Composting neutralises the odour and makes the end product an almost odourless pellet.

A healthy soil starts with Komeco
  • A richer soil starts with Komeco