• Mission and vision

Komeco is originated from the idea of turning a so-called residual flow into a high-quality product that can be used anywhere and throughout the year. The production and quality of our organic fertilizers require craftsmanship and time.

Our composting process produces a 100% natural, high-quality and weed-free organic fertilizer that contributes to a healthy soil. Below you can read more about our mission and vision and how we apply circular entrepreneurship within the company.

Our mission | Komeco stands for the development of environmentally friendly products of high quality that contribute to a circular cycle, healthy soil and therefore healthy food.

Our vision | DThe world population grows and the need for good and healthy food as well. For decades the soil has been used intensively. Worldwide there is a shortage of organic matter in the soil. By providing more attention to improving the soil quality we can ultimately let crops grow better on the soil. Komeco wants to contribute to a healthy and fertile soil, what ensures better and higher yields and healthy food for future generations.

“Created by nature, crafted by a modern composting technology and intended to nourish the soil.”

Created by nature:
The raw material of our products is animal manure, which we purchase locally from certified companies.

Crafted by a modern composting technology:
Komeco uses an innovative biological composting technique which produces a 100% natural, high-quality and weed-free fertilizer.

Intended to nourish the soil:
Komeco’s composted organic fertilizers have a high water retaining capacity an contain the right nutrients for the soil. The level of organic matter, N-P-K content, calcium, magnesium and trace elements in the organic fertilizers contribute to a healthy soil, on which crops and plant scan root deeper and eventually grow better.

Komeco and circular entrepreneurship

As a producer of organic fertilizers, Komeco is a link between livestock farming and agriculture and is a part of circular agriculture.

The production process is based on a circular principle. We process (excess) animal manure from within the region into an organic fertilizer. The fertilizer can then be used throughout the year in agriculture, horticulture and gardens to nourish both soil and soil life.

The production process in pictures

1. Purchase
2. Composting
3. Pressing and packaging
4. Sales and distribution
5. Application

A healthy soil starts with Komeco
  • A richer soil starts with Komeco

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