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Ceremony of Circular Entrepreneurship Award

Yesterday was the graduation of the Circular Entrepreneurship Award. After an extensive preliminary stage, the finale came to an end for Komeco, van Werven and VEPA in the race for the Circular Entrepreneurship Award. The ceremony took place during the entrepreneurs event organized by VNO NCM Midden Nederland in collaboration with the DORZ foundation. The Award was won by van Werven Plastic Recycling. Despite the fact that we didn’t receive the award we are still very proud of the achievement of becoming one of the finalists. In the transition to a circular economy we are, in the end, all winners.

The final of the Circular Entrepreneurship Award

Ceremony Circular Entrepreneurship Award

Source: OVDD

On August 30, we received the jury of DORZ for a company visit. It was an interesting afternoon where we could present our company and show how circulair entrepreneurship is part of our DNA and of our parent company GICOM. The presentation of the award took place during and entrepeneurs event of VNO-NCW Midden Nederland on the estate of Havezate den Alerdinck in Laag Zuthem.

During the award ceremony all finalists were praised for their performance and the jury mentioned that we are all a motivation for other companies in the transition to a circular economy. Circular entrepreneurship is not a trend, but instead it is a motivation towards creating a beautiful world of which we and future generations can enjoy. Despite the fact that we did not win the award, we congratulate van Werven Plastic Recycling with this wonderful prize and achievement. Read more about the award.


Ceremony of Circular Entrepreneurship Award

Liesbeth Broekhuizen on behalf of Komeco, Ton van der Giessen from Van Werven and Jan-Willem de Kam from VEPA.

Ceremony of Circular Entrepreneurship Award

The jury, finalists, organization and DORZ.

VNO NCW Midden and DORZ

The Eastern region of the Netherlands wants to lead in the transition to a circular economy in which waste of (raw) materials is prevented and human effort is increased. This transition is needed and it offers great opportunities for companies. to further accelerate this movement, the DORZ foundation presents the Circular Entrepreneurship Award in collaboration with VNO-NCW Midden. This is one of the five regional associations of VNO-NCW. Also known as the largest business association in the Netherlands. They are committed to a good business climate in 9 regions spread over the four provinces of Flevoland, Gelderland, Overijssel and Utrecht.

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