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Ceremony of Circular Entrepreneurship Award

Yesterday was the graduation of the Circular Entrepreneurship Award. After an extensive preliminary stage, the finale came to an end for Komeco, van Werven and VEPA in the race for the Circular Entrepreneurship Award. The ceremony took place during the entrepreneurs event organized by VNO NCM Midden Nederland in collaboration with the DORZ foundation. The […]

Komeco in the race for the Circular Entrepreneurship Award

PRESS RELEASE, Dronten 1 July 2021 – In the Netherlands the DORZ foundation, for Circular Entrepreneurship in the region Zwolle (East Netherlands), presents the award for Circular Entrepreneurship to companies actively involved with the transition to a circular economy. After the preliminary phase Komeco is one of the three finalists competing for the Circular Entrepreneurship […]

FERTISOL 10 kg now available

Komeco is expanding her brand FERTISOL with a new package; FERTISOL 10 kg. Last year we started updating the design of the bag and now we continue enlarging our range. From now on the organic fertilizers of FERTISOL are also available in a bag of 10 kg. An extension of the range to serve our […]

10 advantages of organic fertilizers

There are different types of fertilizers to use for fertilizing land or the garden. This also applies in organic fertilizer pellets. The range is huge and did you know there are many advantages when using pellets? We wrote down the 10 advantages of using organic fertilizer pellets. Before you read all benefits, it is important […]

Different opening hours during spring holidays

Spring arrived and a number of holidays will take place in the upcoming period. We would like to inform you about the different opening hours during the coming period. Our office will be closed on the following days: Easter Monday; the 5th of April King’s Day; Tuesdag the 27th of April Ascension Day: Thursday the […]

FERTISOL at German and European Input List

FERTISOL is from now on listed at both the German Input List as well as the European Input List. Both lists contain the products who meet the EU organic legislation, which mean that the products are aloud to be used for organic farming. These lists are well known and published yearly by FiBl Projekte GmbH.  […]

A new corporate style for all Komeco brands

We are proud to present something new today. We have developed new logos for the different brands we have in our range. With this development we can further position our brands in the world of organic fertilizers. For years our brand FERTISOL has been at the front with the result that we nowadays distribute FERTISOL […]

What is effective organic matter?

Organic matter is a well-known part of organic fertilizers and an important nutrient for the soil. Besides organic matter there is also effective organic matter (EOM). What is effective organic matter and how does it differ from “regular” organic matter? Why is effective organic matter measured in the soil? What does the effective organic matter […]