Fertisol zak 10 kg

FERTISOL 10 kg now available

Komeco is expanding her brand FERTISOL with a new package; FERTISOL 10 kg. Last year we started updating the design of the bag and now we continue enlarging our range. From now on the organic fertilizers of FERTISOL are also available in a bag of 10 kg. An extension of the range to serve our customers even better.

A perfect bag for the Retail business

In the retail business various sizes of bags are presented and. Oour 25 kg was already widely distributed but a number of customer requested a smaller bag in order to serve more customers. That’s why we started with the development of the 10 kg bag. At the beginning of this year we already shipped the first bags to customers who operate in the retail sector. The 10 kg bag is a handy and perfect bag for garden centres and hardware stores.FERTISOL organic fertilizer for optimal working & healthy soil | KOMECO

A new bag in a new design

We started with a new design for the FERTISOL bags last year. Completely in this new style we realised the 10 kg bag. Fresh and new and a welcome addition to our range.

Would you like to receive more information about FERTISOL 10 kg? Don’t hesitate to contact us via sales@komeco.nl or (+31) (0)321 31 27 50.

Fertilize the garden with organic fertilizers of FERTISOL

FERTISOL organic fertilizer for optimal working & healthy soil | KOMECO

The organic fertilizers of FERTISOL are soil-improving, have a high organic matter level, water retaining capacity and are completely weed-free. Together with the handy bag FERTISOL is particularly suitable for fertilizing the garden, vegetable garden and lawn. For the right composition and dosage you can consult our product sheet.