Our new website

We are pleased to present our new website to you!

In 2018 we started refreshing the Corporate Identity of Komeco. The corporate design of Komeco was characterized by striking colours which became a recognizable feature of Komeco. Therefore the colours will remain the same. The logo has only been given a small update with a timeless and modern font, which fits better with Komeco!

After the update of the logo it was time to design a new website. After hard working together with StudioTof! we are happy to present the result. Komeco stands for craftsmanship, where natural raw materials are used and high-quality products are produced. With our new website we want to express the quality we deliver and the craftsmanship what we stand for.

The website now has a fresh and bright layout and contains more information about our company and products. The clear menu makes it easy to quickly navigate within the different pages. Not only can you read more about the technique of composting but you can also find out to which (regional) sponsorships and projects we participate.

The range of products of Komeco

Are you curious about the different types of products? Its agricultural effect or instructions for use for a lawn? At every product page you will find extra information about how to use our products and where it can be applied best. Our organic fertilizers provide the soil of the right nutrients and therefore improve the structure, fertility and condition of any type of soil.

Do you want to know more about the soil in general, how to feed it with the correct nutrition or how soil life works? We are happy to explain it to you.

In case you have a good tip, question or comment, please do not hesitate to contact us and use our contact form to send your message.