Organic fertilizer FERTISOL becomes part of fertilizer plan in test fields in Uganda

This year a trial field has set up in Uganda where the organic fertilizer FERTISOL is used as part of the fertilization plan in the cultivation of various crops. FERTISOL will be included as one of the fertilization products in the fertilization plan. The aim of the trial field is to closely monitor the growth […]

FERTISOL 10 kg now available

Komeco is expanding her brand FERTISOL with a new package; FERTISOL 10 kg. Last year we started updating the design of the bag and now we continue enlarging our range. From now on the organic fertilizers of FERTISOL are also available in a bag of 10 kg. An extension of the range to serve our […]

What is effective organic matter?

Organic matter is a well-known part of organic fertilizers and an important nutrient for the soil. Besides organic matter there is also effective organic matter (EOM). What is effective organic matter and how does it differ from “regular” organic matter? Why is effective organic matter measured in the soil? What does the effective organic matter […]