Komeco in the race for the Circular Entrepreneurship Award

PRESS RELEASE, Dronten 1 July 2021 – In the Netherlands the DORZ foundation, for Circular Entrepreneurship in the region Zwolle (East Netherlands), presents the award for Circular Entrepreneurship to companies actively involved with the transition to a circular economy. After the preliminary phase Komeco is one of the three finalists competing for the Circular Entrepreneurship […]

What is effective organic matter?

Organic matter is a well-known part of organic fertilizers and an important nutrient for the soil. Besides organic matter there is also effective organic matter (EOM). What is effective organic matter and how does it differ from “regular” organic matter? Why is effective organic matter measured in the soil? What does the effective organic matter […]

N-P-K; three important nutrients in organic fertilizers (part 2)

Organic fertilizers contain different nutrients feeding the soil and the plant in their own way. In this second series of five, we explain in clear language what other nutrients, in addition to organic matter, can be found in organic fertilizers. This time we outline the three musketeers of organic fertilizers: the N-P-K. What do the […]