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Komeco Cow is an organic fertilizer of 100% composted cow manure. Below you will find all information about the active substances in the organic fertilizer pellets and the recommended dosage for the use of the organic fertilizer in the garden. When is the best time to fertilize the garden with organic fertilizers? The table with advice describes the recommended quantity per m² and per type of garden.

The nutrients in the organic fertilizer of Komeco Cow provides an airy soil structure allowing crops to root deeply. In addition it improves the soil structure and -fertility. The pellets ensure a balanced soil life with a rich addition of nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and other elements such as magnesium, calcium and trace elements. The pellets have a high water retaining capacity up to three times its own weight and ensures the pellet to be distributed and absorbed properly by the soil. This will save significantly on water consumption.

Pellet diameter Ø
5-6 mm

Average analysis
Dry matter88.0% min.
Organic matter63%
pH (10% solution)7%
Nitrogen (N) total2.0%
Nitrogen (organic)2.2%
Nitrogen (ammonium)0.1%
Phosphate (P2O5)3.0%
Potassium (K2O)4.0%
Magnesium (MgO)1.1%
Calcium (CaO)2.5%
Trace elements
Iron (Fe)1,100 mg/kg
Magnesium (Mn)450 mg/kg
Zinc (Zn)300 mg/kg
Copper (Cu)120 mg/kg
Boron (B)45 mg/kg
Molybdenum (Mo)10 mg/kg
Cobalt (Co)2 mg/kg

The pellets of Komeco Cow can be stocked for a longer period in a well ventilated and moisture free environment.

Approximately 5 years.

Komeco Cow oorganic fertilizer is available in packages of 20, 25 and 50 kg and in big bags of 500, 1,000 and 1,250 kg. Our products can be ordered online (www.mestkorrels.com) for deliveries in the Netherlands and Belgium. For other countries, please contact us for all possibilities.

Advice dosages for gardens
Below you will find the recommended amounts for private use. The table describes when to fertilize the garden, lawn, vegetable garden and other type of gardens.

Type of gardenAmountDosage
Lawn1 kg per 5 – 8 m21e gift beginning of April
2e gift mid-June
3e gift mid-August
Ornamental garden1 kg per 5 – 8 m2In spring apply pellets wide in the garden
and work in light into the ground.
Border1 kg per 2 – 4 m2Spread pellets before sowing / planting and work in light into the ground.
Bulb and root vegetables1 kg per 5 – 8 m2Spread pellets before planting and work into the ground.
Vegetable garden
Short growing season*
1 kg per 5 – 8 m2Spread pellets before sowing / planting and work in light into the ground.
Kitchen garden
Long growing season**
1 kg per 3 – 4 m2Spread pellets before sowing / planting and work in light into the ground.
Fruit trees1 – 1 1⁄2 kg / treeSpread pellets within rooting zone.
RosesPer plant 1⁄2 kg before, during and after blooming seasonSpread pellets within rooting zone and work in light into the ground.
Pot plants1 kg per 5 – 8 m2Spread pellets within rooting zone.

*For example: iceberg lettuce, spinach, leaf crops, etc.
**For example: leeks, tomatoes, melons, various cabbages, etc.

Please note that the exact dosage depends of different factors, like; type of crop/plant, type of soil, climate and soil condition. The dosages vary between 10 to 30 kilos per 100 m2.

Spread out the indicated amount evenly over the area which has to be fertilized. The best time to fertilize is when rain will be expected or if the area which has to be fertilized is humid. The pellets are suitable for any type of soil, at any time of year (except when there is frost in the ground).

Are you developing a new garden? Apply 1 kg per 2 m2 and work it into the ground well. When you plant new crops or move them, mix 1⁄2 kg of pellets in the planting hole.

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