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Company profile

Komeco BV is a recognized fertilizer processor (NVWA), certified on behalf of Control Union and works according to HACCP regulations.

Komeco B.V., with its registered offices in Dronten, the Netherlands was founded in 1960 by Mr Timmerman. It was the first company in the market to focus on the drying process of fertilizers. In 2008 the company was taken over by GICOM B.V., a company, among others, involved in the specialisation of turnkey projects for the composting and drying industry for organic material. In 1984 GICOM started a mushroom farm, and became the first company to supply the international market with computer-controlled climate systems for mushroom cultivation. The GICOM tunnel system continued to develop over the years, continuously adding further state-of-the-art applications for the climate control process. Apart from the obvious advantages of using the latest technology, it is of the utmost importance to focus on the ever increasing environmental requirements. At present the GICOM tunnel system is used for a variety of organic waste flows.

The take-over by GICOM resulted in an improved process control of organic pressed fertilizer pellets and granulates. Based on the high content of organic matter, these products ensure improved soil fertility. The innovative composting process ensures that the nitrogen is largely organically bound, resulting in an even and long-term release of nutrients (slow-release), suitable for any type of soil. For the production, Komeco purchases fertilizer and other organic flows, which are subsequently composted, dried and then pressed into pellets and granulate. Due to the shortage of organic matter in the soil, the international demand for organic fertilizer is increasing. This is where Komeco is challenged to supply high-quality fertilizers, with the right price-quality ratio.
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