new style for Komeco brands

A new corporate style for all Komeco brands

We are proud to present something new today. We have developed new logos for the different brands we have in our range. With this development we can further position our brands in the world of organic fertilizers. For years our brand FERTISOL has been at the front with the result that we nowadays distribute FERTISOL to more than 40 countries worldwide. FERTISOL already has a logo with its own ‘look and feel’ and in the same style we have developed logos for Komeco Bio and Komeco Cow.

Three brands with one corporate design

Komeco has three product brands; FERTISOL, Komeco Cow and Komeco Bio. All products are 100% organic and composted fertilizer pellets. Each product has its own specific characteristics:

  • FERTISOL: 4-3-3 allround organic fertilizer based on chicken manure
  • Komeco Cow: 2-3-4 organic fertilizer based on cow manure
  • Komeco Bio: 3.5 – 3 – 2.5 organic fertilizer based on organic chicken manure and specially developed for organic certified farms

It was time to bring every brand to the next level. We want to further position the brands in the market of organic fertilizers and we think this new logos are the first step.

The tulip is our signature

For all brands we created logos with one similar item; the tulip. It is our signature and refers to the Dutch origin of our products. Our production facility is located in the heart of the dutch agriculture; Flevoland. This region is also known for the many colourful tulip fields in spring.


Komeco in the Netherlands surrounded by tulip fields.