On a field trip in Colombia

In the past year we have conducted a number of field tests with various growers in Colombia. A number of fruit and vegetable growers at various locations in the country have used our organic fertilizers in the cultivation of tomatoes, avocados, lettuce, carrots, potatoes and more.  Last week we made a field trip among a couple of these growers and see ourselves that our organic fertilizers have delivered a serious contribution to the cultivation of crops what resulted in a better end product.

Komeco on a field trip in Colombia

In the fall of 2018 we started field tests in various agricultural areas of Colombia. The country is known for its agriculture and specific for growing coffee and cocoa beans, avocados, bananas and cut flowers. Because Colombia has a tropical climate it is possible to grow fruit and vegetables all year round. That is why there is also a large group of growers of avocados, berries, tomatoes, lettuce, mangos and many other fruits and vegetables. This spring we received good results and feedback from various growers about the use of our brand FERTIKOM (a specially designed brand for South-America, in line of FERTISOL organic fertilizers).

Organic fertilizers of Komeco in Colombia

Last week we visited a number of these growers, including a tomato grower who was very satisfied with the results of our brand FERTIKOM. At the start of 2019, he applied our organic fertilizer to 80 tomato plants during cultivation. Komeco finds it important to visit fields and plots where our organic fertilizer has been applied and how it feeds the soil. This grower soon noticed a difference in the growth of the plants. The plant developed more fruit and the bloom (number of new shoots) during growth season was greater compared to the plants without a FERTIKOM application. In addition he discovered that the plants were more resistant to whitefly and fungi. At the end they harvested twice as much tomatoes and the average weight per tomato was larger. These tomatoes were also in better shape, had a more intense colour and the tomatoes were not damaged in comparison with tomatoes originated from plants without an application of our organic fertilizer. Eventually he can sell these tomatoes for a better price through an exporter.

In addition to the regular tomato plants, this farmer also grows tomatoes on a tree, where he applied  our organic fertilizer as well. After a few weeks he noted that the leaves of the trees looked better (greener and thicker stalks). During harvest, these tomatoes also turned out to be larger and the total yield increased.

Field tests with Komeco organic fertilizers

The field tests of this grower and other growers were completed this spring. We can conclude that our organic fertilizer has delivered a major contribution to cultivation and resulted in better end products. In short it can be summarized as followed:

  • Better availability and intake of nutrients
  • The growth of the plants was better (stronger stems, greener and fuller leaves)
  • The plants’ resistance to nature (heavy rainfall, fungi and whitefly) was better
  • The end product was of better quality (fuller in colour, higher weight)
  • Increased yields

We are pleased with these results and feedback and anticipate good developments in Colombia in the future. View more specific test results from our growers in Colombia here.

FERTIKOM is a brand of Komeco, in line of our A-brand FERTISOL. FERTIKOM is specially developed for South-America.