New corporate design for FERTISOL

In the past Komeco has developed its own brand ‘FERTISOL’ which is now sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. The pellets are of good quality, offer an optimum nutrition for the soil and are suitable for all types of soil.

The brand has been around for a long time and has always stood out due to the bright green colours on the packages. FERTISOL just didn’t have its own logo and we thought it was about time. Because the brand is part of Komeco we wanted to make a connection in house style. That’s why we have chosen to use the same striking colours. And fresh green as the primary house colour.

Because FERTISOL has been developed and produced in the Netherlands we wanted to incorporate the tulip into the logo. This not only indicates the origin of the brand, but also links to the plant where a tulip has been incorporated in the chimney.

A new logo and leaflet are the start for an even better positioning in the market of organic fertilizers. 

A better harvest starts with FERTISOL!